Thailand 2015, Part One

We spent the first few days being shown around by our friends who live in Chiang Mai. They were lovely enough to give us a ride from the airport straight to our first meal. So, I’m really terrible at remembering the names of where we ate but The Boyfriend has a whole map marked with the places we visited in case specifics are required. Some of the photos aren’t the greatest but at the time getting into the food was more important than trying to get a better picture. A big thanks to James and Suranee for all your help and company on our holiday, we’ll have to return the favour next time you come to Brisbane.


Rice congee with pork meatballs, ginger and coriander. It was the first thing we ate in Thailand. Apparently it’s Thai comfort food and it did the trick after the overnight flight.


Soup with pork meatballs, duck liver and pork blood sausage.


View from our front door.


Suki hot pot.


Roast duck with gravy.


Deep-fried dried beef with dipping sauces.


Dry penang curry.


View from the restaurant near Maeram.


Fancy ass mango ice cream.


View from the balcony.


Northern Thai food. Clockwise from the top, green chilli sauce, pumpkin and greens, deep fried pork, thai sausage, deep fried pork rind, red chilli sauce. In the middle is an AMAZING pork belly curry.


Red ant egg omelette.


Deep fried fish and bamboo stir-fry.


Buddhist temple in the neighbourhood where we stayed.


Fresh salad baguette at Baan Bakery.



Deep fried fish with all the trimmings.




I’m off!

Things will be quiet around here, The Boyfriend and I are jetting off to Thailand tonight until the 5th May. I’ll try to take lots of photos and remember what all of the delicious food is called. See you in a few weeks!

Sydney 2015

I felt really bad about not getting any pictures of the food on my last trip to Melbourne so I made an effort to get EXTENSIVE pictures of the food on my Sydney trip (perhaps a little too extensive). The whole week was a joyous blur of sleeping in late, eating, ice cream and walking ( 3-4 hours a day, no wonder I needed so much ice cream to keep my strength up).


Chicken, Bacon and Leek Pastizzi from Pastizzi Cafe in Newtown.


Street art, Newtown.


Crackles Classic Roll, Mr Crackles in Darlinghurst. The pork was so well cooked, the meat yielded like butter but the crackling was cooked to perfection. The baguette was crunchy and chewy, wish I could buy them like that in Brisbane.


The MOUNTAIN of crackling at Mr Crackles.


Street art, Sydney CBD.


Peanut with Caramel Popcorn (I think?) and Dulce de Leche Ice Cream from Gelato Blue, Newtown. Both flavours were perfect.


Spicy Chicken and Pork Korean Tacos from the Lunar Markets, Pyrmont.


Filipino Chicken Skewers, Lunar Markets, Pyrmont. These were our first choice at the Lunar Markets but we ate them before I remembered to get a picture. Beautiful sticky marinade and a great smokey flavour.


Thai Mango and Sticky Rice with Lemon Iced Tea, Lunar Markets, Pyrmont. Iced tea was delicious and the mango and sticky rice was a great balance of salty and sweet (when I go to Thailand in April it’s all I’m going to eat!).


Passionfruit Sorbet and Salted Coconut with Mango Salsa Ice Cream, Messina, Pyrmont. If there was a Messina in Brisbane I don’t know how I would cope. These are but two of the flavours that I tried on my holiday, we also got the 1.5 L take home pack. In the pack we got Bounty, Milk Chocolate with Choc Peanut Fudge, Caramel Karma (caramel ice cream with roasted nuts and crispy bits) and Strawberry Sorbet.


Classic ramen (unable to remember the name of the restaurant, will update if I can find it out). This was just a little place in a food court but the broth was off the chiz-ain.


Emperor Puff from Emperor’s Garden Cake and Bakery, Haymarket. 11 for $3, can you even believe it? If you can look past my crazy sausage fingers in this photo, you’ll see a tiny little treasure that consists of a pan-cakey outside filled with hot vanilla custard. They are cooked fresh right in front of you and you tell the staff how many you want by giving them the exact right change. People line up the block for these in Sydney’s Chinatown (although we were graced with the miracle of getting served right away).


Roti Canai from Mamak, Haymarket. All roti are cooked fresh to order and served with two curry dips and sambal. We also ordered the Chicken Satay (served with a crazy amount of sauce, perfect for eating with rice), Kari Ayam (chicken curry) and Kari Sayur (lentil and vegetable curry). For dessert we had my favourite Roti Kaya, a roti with coconut and pandan custard (sometimes described as a jam) inside. Great service, the food came quickly and was delicious. You can’t make reservations so the line goes down the street. We waited about half an hour but we weren’t in a hurry and it was totally worth it (especially considering how affordable everything is).


Street art, Newtown.


Mango and Peach gelato from Cow and the Moon, Enmore. Another stop on my Ice Cream Odyssey, Cow and the Moon was packed and for good reason. As well as the ice cream pictured above we got their Hokey Pokey and Chocolate Ice Cream but it was melting too quickly to try and get a picture. All of them were smooth and creamy, different from Messina but just as good.

I also had an amazing meal at LP’s Quality Meats with my aunt and uncle but it was too dark to take any pictures. We had the smoked beef tongue, BBQ beef short rib, BBQ chicken, pickles and iceberg and pecorino salad. It was my first time trying beef tongue and I loved it. They sliced it paper thin, drenched it olive oil and parsley then served it with olives and mustard. The texture took a little adjustment, somewhat like a pastrami or cured meat but softer. Everything we ordered was delicious but the highlight was the BBQ chicken. It was the juiciest chicken I have ever eaten, I don’t know how they cook it for the first round but they deep fry it before serving to make the skin perfectly crispy. I would happily go back there and just eat the chicken. Thank you for the delicious meal Ty and Ness!

And thank you to Anaya, who put me up and looked after me like she was my Sugar Momma. You’ll be getting a thank you gift in the mail, you know what it’s going to be!