Weekly Menu Saturday 5th July 2014


Turmeric and Honey Stir Fry – Doesn’t this look delicious?!

Pea ‘n’ Ham Soup – Sister requested this one, I’m pretty sure I infected her with my sickness so what she says, goes.

Chicken Korma with Samosa Patties – This curry was delicious as Bunny Chow and I’ll be serving it with Samosa Patties, basically the insides of a samosa without all the bother of dough and frying.

Mexican Burgers – I was inspired by the Mexican Burger described in this blog post, if you can’t get to the burger, bring the burger to you! If you live in Brisbane check this blog out for great restaurant and fine dining ideas.

Chili Con Carne with Cornbread – Making this for a night out on a friends farm.

Miso Chicken – Due to logistical issues (not buying enough chicken) I didn’t get to make this last week.


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