“Cookie Dough” Bites


I have been aching to make these. I found the recipe just after my food processor pooped itself and it tortured me while I waited to be sent a replacement part. Good thing they were worth the wait. I tackled them today as one of my first kitchen ventures after getting sick and (apart from needing a sit down afterwards) they were a dream to make. Blitz blitz roll. I chopped up my choc chips so that they would be more evenly dispersed but just mix them in whole to make the process even easier. The oats make them quite chewy but if you’re prepared for it then it becomes one of their virtues. My 1/2 cup of choc chips may have been closer to 3/4 cup but keep them to a minimum if you’re making these for the health benefits, maybe even replace them completely with more nuts or some dried fruit. I needed to add more syrup than the original recipe suggested to get it to form a ball and this is reflected in the recipe below. You can make these raw and vegan by using all agave syrup and replacing the chocolate with fruit or nuts (or vegan chocolate).

“Cookie Dough” Bites

Adapted from Averie’s Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls over at Averie Cooks.

1 1/3 cup raw cashews

2/3 cup oats

big pinch of sea salt

5 tbsp agave syrup

2 tbsp maple syrup

2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 cup dark chocolate chips, chopped

Blend the cashews, oats and salt in a food processor until they turn into a flour-like consistency.

Add the agave syrup, maple syrup and vanilla extract, blend in short bursts until just incorporated.

Add in more of the agave or maple syrup if the mixture doesn’t stick together when you press it into a ball.

Stir the chocolate chips in by hand.

Roll the mixture into teaspoon or tablespoon sized balls depending on preference (chill the mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes if the mixture is too sticky to work with).


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