Weekly Menu Saturday 17th May 2014


Thai Red Curry with Duck – We were given some red curry paste that may or may not have been smuggled through customs from Thailand, hopefully this recipe does it justice!

Mapo Dofu – This turned out so beautifully the other week so here it is again. Hopefully I will be able to get some decent photos this time and post the recipe.

Korean Tacos – The Korean fusion meals continue, I’ll be trying my hand at making Corn Tortillas. I’ve cooked them once before but plan on adding salt and a little vegetable oil this time. At this stage I’m thinking of doing the Korean Pork and Slaw from my Korean Burgers recipe with the addition of Guacamole. Is it so crazy it just might work? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Chiles en nogada – I have recently discovered Homesick Texan, a treasure trove of Tex-Mex recipes that sets my heart aflutter. I am crazy excited to try this one, look at that sauce.

Beef Pho – I made the stock for this last week but we didn’t get around to eating it. No excuses this week.


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