Weekly Menu Saturday 3rd May 2014


Sichuan Hot Pot – I bought the recipe book for Exploring China recently, unfortunately there is no Sichuan Hot Pot recipe in it (one of my favourite episodes) so I went on the hunt for one.

Moroccan Shepherds Pie – I’m going to try the meat version and if it turns out well I’ll make the veggie version for a friend of mine who is vegetarian (I invite her over just so we can have a meal without meat in it every once in a while, sorry you had to find out like this Niqui).

Felafel – Inspired by this post by David Lebovitz I’m pickling some turnips and gathering various recipes to have my own felafel-fest at home. I avoid deep frying whenever possible so the recipe I’m using pan fries instead.

Mapo Dofu and Red Cooked Butternut Pumpkin – I’ll be serving these with rice. I’m using the recipes that I found in the Exploring China recipe book but I found these similar ones online.

Hainanese Chicken and Rice – I’m cooking this for my birthday dinner on Friday night.

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