Sweet and Salty Crunchy Nut Bars


This is a great recipe for any kitchen minimalists out there. It’s an amazing throw together recipe for edible presents and anyone who is a fan of peanuts will thank you for it. It’s sort of like a Peanut Slab but with salt and honeycomb mixed in. I always add an extra Crunchie Bar because I am a honeycomb fiend but just put in four if you want the ratio to tip in the favour of the peanuts. This recipe comes to you from the the lady who puts the kitsch in kitchen, Nigella Lawson. Anyone who has been to my house for dinner will have been subjected to hours of Nigella on the TV, not including my long suffering housemates. But not to worry, they don’t complain too much because they know which side their bread is buttered on. My sister is particularly susceptible to Nigella’s charms and if I don’t make any sudden movements she’ll stay curled up in the recliner, hypnotised, either until the series finishes or dinner is ready. If the boyfriend gets drawn in he says “Can we have that?!” to every second recipe. And if I could possibly find any fault with my idol, it would be this. She is so prolific that even watching her shows every possible moment, I can never remember which recipes that I planned to cook! I need to physically write down which recipes I want to try before I forget them.

To be fair, though, I might possibly have this problem with every other cooking show that I watch. It might just be a case of knowing that there are so many good recipes out there and I just want to cook them all right away! I have this chronic paranoia that my new favourite food is hiding  around the corner and what if I never cook it and miss out forever?!… And if you’re wondering, yes, I do get this excited in real life talking about food and I have on occasion embarrassed my significant other by babbling maniacally to shop owners or stall holders at the markets. Fortunately he is aware of the pro’s of our relationship (eg. constant supply of baked goods, cupcakes on demand for co-workers, etc), not to mention that he gets the exact same glint in his eye fanboy-ing over European boardgames.

Oh right, there’s meant to be a recipe somewhere in here. Change up the ratio of dark to milk chocolate to suit your mood, I’ll bet a white chocolate version would make super cute Christmas presents. The only tip I can offer is to melt the chocolate on super low heat but if your chocolate mixture doesn’t stay smooth, don’t freak, I make mine grainy all the time and it still tastes great.

Sweet and Salty Crunchy Nut Bars

Adapted from Nigella Lawson’s Sweet and Salty Crunchy Nut Bars from her book Nigella Kitchen.

200g dark chocolate, chopped

100g milk chocolate, chopped

50g butter

3 tbsp golden syrup

2 1/4 cups roasted, salted peanuts

5 X 50g Crunchie bars

Line a slice tin with baking paper.

Crumble Crunchie’s (or chop) and put into a large bowl and add peanuts, mix well.

Combine both types of chocolate, butter and golden syrup in a small saucepan and place over low heat, stirring until melted.

Pour the chocolate mixture into the large bowl and stir until all ingredients are combined and evenly distributed.

Transfer mixture into the lined slice tin, spread evenly with a spatula.

Place in the fridge to set for at least 4 hours, then cut into desired shapes.

Will keep in an airtight container, refrigerated for 3-4 days.



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