Bris-adelphia Cheese Steaks


This is good food. Maybe slightly lacking in vegetables but each person can make it as healthy as they feel the need to. I have no idea how much of a resemblance these have to a traditional Philadelphia Cheese Steak and I probably never will but I can definitely tell you that they are worth your time. I realised recently they they are never mentioned once in my favourite show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, otherwise I may have gotten around to trying them sooner. If you are a fan of vulgarity, moral depravity and have a morbid sense of humour, this is the show for you. I’ve just got through watching the first 8 seasons for the third time and I still marvel at how consistent the quality is from start to finish. If I sound like a bit of a fan girl right now it’s because I really, really am.

The basic cheese steak, pre-condiments.

The basic cheese steak, pre-condiments.

These cheese steaks were so unbelievably quick to make. The steak I bought from a Korean Supermarket was paper thin and only took moments to cook but if your steak is a bit thicker cook it for longer. Once it’s all in the bun each person is free to personalise their own. We went the hamburger route with sweet pickles, tomato sauce and mustard. I added Japanese mayonnaise because I just can’t eat without it anymore. It’s like eating a steak sandwich except you don’t pull out half a steak when you take a bite and there is extra umami from the caramelised mushrooms and onions mixed into the meat. I have images of American college kids eating this after a football game (maybe I’m just delusional) and I think it would be  great drinking food. This recipe made enough meat for about 5 hot dog buns.

Bris-adelphia Cheese Steaks

Adapted from Linda’s Philadelphia Cheese Steak Sandwich over at Whats Cooking America.

500g steak, thinly sliced

3 Swiss Brown mushrooms, finely chopped

2 medium brown onions, finely sliced

3 tbsp butter

vegetable oil

3 big handfuls of grated cheddar cheese

4 spring onions, finely chopped

bread rolls

assorted condiments

Heat a large saucepan on high and add in the butter and a glug of vegetable oil.

Add the mushrooms and cook until softened and caramelised.

Add the onion and cook until soft and caramelised.

Add the steak and cook for 2-3 mins, until all of the meat has changed colour.

Add salt and pepper, mix, then spread the cheese on top of the steak evenly and cook (without stirring) until the cheese has melted completely.

Transfer the meat mix into rolls and sprinkle with spring onions.

Add whatever condiments take your fancy.


6 thoughts on “Bris-adelphia Cheese Steaks

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  2. Oh! There’s a great phil cheesy steak place right next to mum and dad’s shop at West End. It’s on Boundary street, I recommens it! Though I have no doubts that yours are probably better 🙂

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