Weekly Menu – Saturday 29th March 2014


Gai Pad Graprow – I’ve recently started making this with pork mince and it’s just as good as with chicken. Ask your butcher for coarse pork mince for a bit of texture.

Croatian Cabbage Rolls – You need brined cabbage leaves for this, I bought mine from Gourmet Mix (for anyone in Australia) but you could probably track some down at a European deli.

Mexican Chicken – This is one of my recipes and I’ll be posting it once I get some photos but here is the fantastic Guacamole that I always serve it with.

Chinese Sausage Stir Fry – We got lazy and had take away the night we were meant to eat this, so we rolled it over to the next week’s menu.

Cheese Steaks with Onion and Mushroom – This repeat is due to the fact that they were extreeeeemely tasty and we want to eat them again straight away! Here is how I did them, Bris-adelphia Cheese Steaks.


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